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Types of Flush Door Designs Available in the Market

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If you are looking to remodel your home or shifting to a new home then you are probably looking to get your interiors done up beautifully,from the curtains to the décor and furniture.You will also have to design a front door that is not only durable and safe but aesthetic as well. Your door is the first thing anyone will see and choosing an attractive door that matches with your décor, is of utmost importance. Doors work perfectly well in providing a lasting first impression and giving your guests a hint about your taste and style.

A Screen Security Doors has a basic structure that is created out of a solid blockboard core, horizontal rails that create a prefixed frame as well as vertical stiles. The frame is made of chemically treated wood and then filled up with small wooden fillers. The flush door is covered with a laminate or veneer face that gives it a decorative finish. A flush door is so called because of its smooth surface where and if water were to be splashed on it, it would simply run off without accumulating.

Flush doors are widely preferred by homeowners and architects due to their durability, stiffness, and resistance to impact and don’t warp with time. Being light in weight, a flush door can easily be transported and installed as well as operated during daily use, you can save money on labor costs. These doors are more cost-effective and easier to clean and maintain. You don’t need to worry about their resistance to stains, scratches, or the harsh outside elements. Lastly, these doors are stable and dimensionally accurate which makes them ideal for homes.

Types of flush doors available

When looking for types of flush doors to pick from, ensure that you look for a trusted and reliable supplier in the market. Here are some of the doors available at CenturyDoors, one of India’s leading brands.

  • Club Prime

These types of doors are heavy-duty, boiling waterproof, and insulated against heat, noise, and dust. They are ideal for any type of temperature and climate and are long-lasting and durable. Club Prime doors are treated with the patented Glue Line Protection that makes them termite and borer proof. These doors also come with a 10-year warranty.

  • Sainik

These doors are eco-friendly, high resistance, and will protect your home 24/7. They are resistant to termites, borers, and moisture and are created with a unique manufacturing process. Being cost-effective and highly durable they come in various designs and are a hit with many homeowners as well as residential and commercial buildings.

  • Laminated flush doors

If you are looking for a more decorative veneer and laminated doors that not only look attractive but are also crafted from top-quality materials then you can go in for a decorative flush door. They are not only easily available in the market but durable, economical, customizable, resistant to stains, crash, and scratches as well as termites and borers. They do not warp or bend under high temperature and pressure and are stiff and flexible.

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to buying doors online, look for a brand like CenturyDoors that is not only trustworthy but has a wide collection of doors and materials to go along with it. Some brands will provide you with a variety of furnishing that you can use on top of your doors and customize them as you like.

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