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Ways to wash your Face!

wash your Face


It might seem easy to wash your face every day for keeping your skin healthy. But in reality, it is not that simple. Even after washing your face daily, you might not be achieving your goal of keeping your skin clean, glowing, acne-free, and so on.

One of the main reasons you may struggle to keep the skin of your face healthy is your skin type. The other reasons are the ways by which you are washing your face and the cleansing agents that you might be using to wash your face. Let’s look at the ways to wash your face. You can also find the ways that are best suitable for your skin type.

Methods and tips for Washing Your Face According to your skin type

There is no single method of face washing for everyone. If you do not wash your face in the ways that suit your skin type, then you might do more damage to your face than good. Here are different skin types and a few ways to wash your face according to each one.

For Dry Skin

Dry skin requires care and attention especially when it comes to the cleansers that you use for washing your face. You should use cleansing tools that are gentle in nature. If you want to check whether your cleansing products are suitable to use, then you can check your skin after washing.

If your facial skin feels dry and tight, then it is better to change your cleansing tool.

  • Use products that provide hydration to the skin and are free from alcohol, fragrance, and parabens. They might be helpful in maintaining the pH balance of the facial skin.
  • You can also use almond oil, oat milk, lactic acid, ceramides, and balm on your face. While using face wipes is a good option, make sure that you are using alcohol-free ones. You can also put some face oil before swiping your face with face wipes.
  • When washing your face with oil cleansers, you can massage your face gently by using a soft cotton cloth soaked in lukewarm water. After that, you can use a moisturizer on your face. This will help in hydrating your skin. Do not rub your face skin off after washing it. Gently pat the face with a dry towel and then put in the moisturizer.
  • Use the facial cleanser in limited amounts, generally one to three drops. The excess facial cleanser is not good for dry skin. Gently rub it off the face skin.

For Oily Skin

  • If you have oily skin, then it is better to do face washing two times a day with a foamy cleansing facewash or tools. Foaming facewash has benefits on oily skin. They deep-clean your skin without removing all the oil from your skin. If you want acne prevention, then they are a good skincare option for oily skin.
  • If you are using creamy gel cleansers, then use two to three drops of cleanser. If you are using the foamy cleanser, then use one pump. You can remove all your makeup with water and then apply the cleanser according to the instruction on the bottle.

For Combination Skin

  • In combination facial skin, some parts are dry and some are oily. That is why the doctors recommend using a mild-gel-based face wash. Face wash especially with ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, panthenol, etc cleanses the face but does not make it dry.
  • After the face wash, using exfoliating scrub twice a week can remove the oil that is built up in the combination skin.
  • After washing your face with water, you can apply a small amount of face wash. Apply more on the oily areas and less on the dry ones. Then you can gently scrub your face for deep cleaning.

For Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, then you don’t have to worry much. You can just take precautions like washing your face daily twice to be safe from the pores getting clogged and facial skin breakouts.

Steps to Face Washing

Wetting your face

Before applying anything on your skin to wash your face, it is better to splash some water on your face and remove your makeup and residual on the face skin.

Using facewash

Use a small amount of cleanser according to your skin type. Then rub it on your face gently in a circular motion and cover all the spots on the face. Then wash your face. After that, gently dab your face with a towel.

Applying Toner

Dip a cotton ball in the toner and swipe it on the areas of your face having problems. Do not put excess toner.


You can moisturize your skin with some moisturizer. You can use one or two pumps on your face and rub them gently on the face.

We all have different skin types and not all can do face wash in the same way. It should be done according to your skin type to be more effective for you. If you have dry skin, then using a hydrating face wash that is alcohol-free would be a good option. Instead of rubbing off your face harshly, gently pat your skin with a dry towel. If you have oily skin, then you can use a few drops of foamy face wash or creamy gel cleansers. And if you have combination face skin, then you can use mild-gel cleansers and exfoliating scrub twice a week.

Do remember that the type of product you are using to wash your face also matters. Only use quality products on your gentle skin. You can check our website and have a look at the Tiracosmetics page and get more information about all the types of face cleansers and serums there.

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