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Technical Trail Running- The Secret Techniques to Navigate Through Technical Terrines Effectively: Steven Rindner

Steven Rindner


Those who are wondering about what is technical trails, need to simply understand that the term ‘technical’ is used to explain the type of running or racing that one should be prepared for. Unlike well-paved terrines, the technical trail needs runners to run through a surface that is naturally created with scattered rocks, tree roots, streams, steep climbs and descents, and various other natural obstacles.

According to Steven Rindner, while running on technical trails, one needs to stay relaxed, decide their next stride instantly, and keep running while widening and swinging their arm-wings to keep body balance and navigate with agility while avoiding and dealing with all those obstacles consistently.

Before participating in technical training racing, a trail runner needs to get familiar and practiced with technical running. This needs different kinds of basic training that help in getting prepared to move through technical trials with confidence.

1. Stay Upright

While running downhill, although it is fairly natural to get leaned backward, however, try not to lean too much. According to Steven Rindner, staying erect, with the spine kept upright on the top of the coccyx or tailbone rather than at a rear angle, will be helpful to keep balance alongside agility, particularly on downhills. Leaning back overly at this phase makes it challenging for runners to keep their legs positing quickly and thereby slow down the movement. Also, avoid leaning forward too far either as it will lead to uncontrollable momentum.

2. Practice Keeping Balance

Knowing the techniques to jump and keep footstep at the right position is a vital skill when trail runners need to be selective before stepping forward while avoiding scattered rocks, loose gravel, and uneven surfaces or tree roots. Not only stepping on this may lead to skidding but also sprinted ankle. To improve the sense of proprioception, practicing single-leg balancing as well as coordination exercises are ideal choices. This will make trail runners’ performance thrive on technical terrines.

3. Keep the Toes Up

Make sure to follow the toes-up approach while racing on highly complex trails to dodge catching the feet with roots, small bumps, and rocks. This means moving the trails with minor hell striking. However, without being equipped with proper trail running footwear specifically ideal for running on technical trails, moving through the terrine with slight hell touching seems to be extremely challenging.

4. Go For Right Footwear

Having an ideal footwear designed for technical terrine can make a real difference when it comes to performance. For instance

  • Keep an eye on while choosing shoe tread types and ensure that the tread pattern can effectively handle the technical topographies. Go for toothy outsoles made of high-abrasion rubber as it offers greater traction compared to low-profile thread on complex trails.
  • When it comes to lugs, always go for deep lugs (measuring 5mm+) which are ideal for footing on technical trails. Deeper lugs support the runners consistently to move on steep descends, muddy and slippery slopes, and other complex scenarios.
  • Opt for an armor-plated upper aka ‘toe bumper’ to help keep the feet from getting pocked by roots and rocks. They also contribute to the durability of the shoe. Choosing shoes with rock plates is also important as they guard the foot while running on uneven terrain with rocks and roots all over.
  • Shoes to move through technical trails need to be highly cushioned that help absorb the impact of rocks, roots, and other obstacles. Also, make sure that when laced the shoe should be perfectly and comfortably fitting, and never slide the foot out of the footwear.

Running or tracing on a technical trail is not only challenging but rewarding as well. Make sure to follow the above tips and follow them with diligence to move through tough terrines with technical skills and confidence.

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