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Best Apps On The Internet That You Should Instantly Download On Your New Android Device

Your New Android Device


All android smartphones hold several apps that are essential for your phone. These may include social media apps, clock and weather apps/widgets, fitness apps, travel apps, etc. While most people usually install most of these after a new purchase, many otherscan also be installed to simplify the daily hustle or their life in general. However, most of these apps are useless, if your internet connection is slow and dawdles. While there are numerous ISPs available today, CenturyLink has been in the telecommunications industry for a long period. The company offers fantastic internet solutions, that are exclusively available for their commercial and residential consumers. Hurry now before one of those spectacular CenturyLink internet deals getsover!

Best Apps On The Internet That You Should Instantly Download On Your New Android Device
While apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Netflix,etc.are usually pre-installed in any android phone, even if they are not installed, these are usually the ones that people tend to install first. That’s why we listed some apps that you would want to install on your cellphone right away!

An Organizing App That Makes Clean To-Do Lists: TICKTICK

If you are looking for an organizing app, TickTick is a great app. It allows the user to create a simple to-do list for their current and upcoming events. So for instance, if you just type in an appointment along with the date and specify a time, the app will schedule a reminder to ring at that particular time. Unfortunately, there are in-app purchases involved for all premium features, so if a user is interested in synchronizing a particular event with the calendar, then they need to pay for further access. For IOS users, there are similar apps available in the app store, that are both free and may involve in-app purchases to access premium features.

An App To Save Some Of Your Favorite Articles: Pocket

Is your schedule so crammed that you are unable to catch up on your daily reading? Instead of saving a gazillion articles on your phone or opening innumerable tabs on the browser, try Pocket. This is a fantastic app that allows the user to save an article, irrespective of where it is opened: your phone, the tablet, or your laptop. Once you get some free time, open the app Pocket and read your favorite saved pieces online. This app can also be accessed when you are offline. So if you are having a bad internet day, you have nothing to worry about as these articles saved on Pocket can be accessed right away! The best part is that there are no ads or any distractions, so you can peacefully enjoy your reading.

An App That Lets You Scan Your Professional Documents: CamScanner

If you are looking for a handy scanner, then there’s no other better option than CamScanner. This is one of the best handy smartphone scanners that are present out there. Not only can it crop an image, enhance it within mere seconds, but the user also gets a readable digital document that’s easy on the eyes, not blurry at all, and aligned just right. All this is possible, even if you don’t have the best camera phone in the whole world. Even in that case, the final results by CamScanner are remarkable and not easy to ignore. There are additional options available to the user such as joining two files together, adding annotations, or sharing the final result, either as a PDF or an image file. While the free version has a lot of open options, if you are looking to access advanced features, you need to pay a minimal fee of $5/month.

An App That Ensures That Your Sleep Remains Undisturbed: Sleep As Android

Looking for an app that lets you get a peaceful night’s sleep? Then this is the perfect app for you. Sleep As Android is great for tracking the amount you sleep, tracking the number of hours you rested, and also noting your daily sleeping patterns so that your schedule can be regulated. In this case, however, you don’t have to fasten a tracker to your wrist to track the number of hours you sleep, the smartphone app does it for you. Once you place the android app on your mattress, the phone will monitor all your movements and the surrounding noise to figure out your sleep cycle and the disturbances that may break it or make it. While this is a free app, if you want to access the premium features, you may need to purchase them for use.

An App That Lets You Store Your Phone Files Without Any Worry: Dropbox

The Dropbox app is great for storage. It comes with an accompanying website that can be linked with your Google Account for creating a Dropbox account. The best part about the app is that it is free and lets you access your files from anywhere in the world. It is also considered one of the best apps out there for effortlessly synchronizing your phone files and documents to and from your laptop. Since it works so well across the web, which may include Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, you may never have to worry about access to important files. There’s just one downside: Dropbox offers only 2GB of storage. What’s more, is that their premium storage plans may be on the pricier side, starting at $10/month for 1TB of storage.

An App That Helps You Click The Perfect Picture: VSCO

This is one of the best photo filter apps that’s out there! It’s highly recommended by professional photographers because the final results are nothing but spectacular. While the app’s interface may confuse beginners but if you are looking for an app that will simply make your pictures pop, then this is your best bet. However, its basic editing tools and related controls are nothing short of producing a miracle, so don’t be disheartened and use these to polish your skill thoroughly. Nonetheless, there are numerous built-in filters but most of them fall under the premium plan, so you will have to pay a minimal fee to access them.

The Bottom Line…

While these are some great apps to begin with, if your internet speed does not even meet the optimum requirements, then we recommend you upgrade your connection. Our suggestion: visit buytvinternetphone, where you will find countless internet options that provide spectacular coverage and high-speed connectivity, that’s affordable as well.

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