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Top Benefits Of Using Online Employee Time Clock Software In 2021

online employee time clock


Suppose your business is still tracking employee time and attendance manually, or even worse, payroll, in the year 2021. In that case, you likely know about all the problems that come with using such an outdated method to track employee work hours.

There are now more benefits than ever to switching your business to online employee time clock software, especially with an ever-changing workforce. Learning about and understanding these essential benefits will make the transition to the new time sheet management software a much more practical solution.

The unfortunate reality is that many businesses and managers may feel that using online employee time clock software is too complicated to implement or even too expensive due to the upfront costs. Still, if done correctly, the benefits far outweigh any of the potential problems or risks associated with making the change from traditional manual time tracking.

Make Tracking Time and Attendance a Snap

The manual team time tracking and attendance process is not only incredibly time-consuming, but it also has the potential to be full of errors. After all, the only way to truly track attendance manually is with constant managerial oversight, which is a massive waste of time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

Tracking time manually is just as tricky. Employees typically have to fill out their time sheets, and doing so is difficult to verify. Manual data entry is also prone to human error, which can complicate getting employees paid for the hours they worked. Time theft is also much more likely since there is no real way to verify that employees worked the hours they reported.

Online employee time clock software eliminates all of these problems because the attendance and time tracking process is entirely automated. There’s no manual data entry which means no errors that have to be corrected. Managers can see attendance in real-time to ensure employees show up for their schedules and make adjustments for absences without much effort. This makes the entire workforce more productive.

Manage Remote Workers With Ease

A significant drawback for businesses that still use manual time tracking is that remote workers are often left out of the loop, and in fact, their jobs can be made much more difficult. Managing projects, tasks, and work hours as a remote worker are often tricky, requiring many organizational skills. Plus, managers have much more difficulty overseeing remote workers than on-site workers.

An online time card system has several features that make remote workers’ jobs easier. Project management tools can help them keep organized and on track. Since the employee timesheet software can track time automatically, even when remote workers don’t work a standard schedule, it makes managing hours and getting paid much simpler.

Communication is much easier as well since managers can send and receive alerts and messages from remote employees. They can even see employee productivity data in real-time to ensure that employees are getting their work done while working remotely.

Improve the Payroll Process

One of the biggest drains on a business’s finances is a faulty payroll process. Payroll errors can cost a lot to fix, and not paying employees properly can lead to a whole list of other issues. The fact is, manual payroll is prone to mistakes and is likely to be much less accurate. This costs time and money but also lowers employee morale because their pay is in doubt.

Online employee time clock software can be used to make the process fast and error-free. Simply take advantage of payroll integration in addition to the automated time tracking to send employee time data to the payroll department for processing without the potential for errors.

It’s easy to see modern time clock solutions can help your business in 2021. It provides the ability to easily track employee time and attendance without constant managerial oversight. Employee autonomy is essential to employee morale and productivity, and with such a solution that can be achieved.

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