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Why and how to prepare for UCAT?

prepare for UCAT


These days, there are plenty of competitive examinations happening in different courses and study ways. UCAT is one of them which is the short form of University Clinical Aptitude Test. This is one of the 3 major criteria which are considered by many universities in different countries so that they can select proper students into the high demand health related career like dentistry and medicine.

When it comes to UCAT exam, it is of 2 hours and based on mental abilities of applicants identified by different universities in practicing in the fields of medicine and dentistry. This particular examination has 5 different time subtests and it contain quite a few number of questions that come in a multiple choice format.

Demand of healthcare science has been increasing day by day and many people want to pursue their higher studies in this avenue after completing their high school. Hence universities need another examination to narrow down on the aspirants and choose the best from them. This particular examination can effectively assess the qualities which are required to be a successful and considerate medical student and later a doctor. Hence if one wants to enter one of the health related courses then they must go for this examination.

This examination has immediate result system because they are generated as it is a computer based test. It has a greater flexibility regarding when and where the test will take place including the availability of more than one test dates.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if one has decided to prepare for the UCAT examination.

  • First of all, one has to understand the importance of the examination. One should know that the score of this examination matters more than the final high school examination score. In fact, some universities does not even consider the academic score and only consider the UCAT score for admission and so one has to give thorough importance to this examination. It is true that one has to prepare for the school finals and the UCAT at the same time and so it is better to dedicate 2 to 3 hours every day only for this examination.
  • Before sitting for any competitive examination, one has to be familiar with the syllabus. One needs to understand the type of questions they can face when they are sitting for the UCAT. It is not a test of knowledge but the test of generic skills. Here, the questions revolve around five different things and they are verbal reasoning, decision making, abstract reasoning, qualitative reasoning and situational judgement. One needs to learn how to tackle each type of questions. They all require a certain approach. There are a few strategies that one needs to follow in order to challenge the questions accurately but quickly as well.
  • Sitting for full length practice under time can be very effective when one is preparing for this examination.

Preparing for any competitive examination including the UCAT means one has to work on their weakness well before going for it.

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