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How Your Choice of Interior Home Design Can Impact the Sale of Your Property.

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 In 2022, house prices are set to rise by around 5%, so now it is more important than ever to ensure your house is as profitable and valuable as possible if you are intending on selling it. While there are other factors which are important, such as location, property size and style of house- another factor which is equally as important is the interior design style of your house. Certain interior design styles can affect house sales, both positively and negatively. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled a small guide as to which house styles can generate positive interest in your property, and what styles may make it harder for you to sell your home.

One of the most popular interior design styles is Mid-century modern homes. Typically consisting of a high functioning setting that incorporates statement pieces of furniture, use of organic furniture such as wood and curved lines, mid-century modern homes are timeless. Currently on the property market, houses with this style of interior design are selling for £330,000 higher than the average property in the UK.

The similarity Mid- century modern bares to a Scandanavian design, which incorporates a minimalist and structured design, means that now Scandanavian interior design style has become increasingly popular. Selling for almost £305,000 more than the average UK home, Scandanavian interiors are characterised by their minimalist interiors, using various types of textures to juxtapose a sleek but warm furnished property.

A popular interior design style that has taken storm thanks to the Netflix hit show Bridgerton. The aesthetic ‘Regencycore’ which is used throughout the show has become insanely popular across homes in the UK. Embracing pastel and royal colours, classic French architecture and a regal essence, Reegency core incorporates all periods of time, bringing a modern twist to a classic and vintage interior. The interior design trend is so popular, that research from the property market has shown that if you have this interior design style- the value of your home can increase by 86%.

As for the interior design styles that can cost you not only thousands in somewhat wasted money, but perhaps a property sale, is styles that undertake a 1960s or 1980s style. The use of bright colours throughout- which were indicative of the passion and action of the time period, in addition to the busy wallpaper which typically used heavy patterns- this type of style has become outdated and frankly, unattractive. The once futuristic take on interior design has not sensibly achieved any of the “futuristic” elements we see and live today, therefore it can make your property look a little mis-matched.

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