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Will Amazon FBA still be profitable

Will Amazon FBA still be profitable


Vendors were eager to adopt Amazon’s FBA service to speed up the delivery process. Since then, Amazon’s popularity has expanded, resulting in more competition and more fees. It raises a question among online sellers: Will Amazon FBA still be profitable? Before settling on Amazon FBA, a few factors should be considered.

Why will Amazon FBA be profitable?

Fees for Amazon FBA

Amazon’s prices are always changing. Sadly, fees are almost always on the rise. Costs per cubic foot are $0.75 in January-September and $2.40 from October-December. Size matters when it comes to Amazon’s special oversize items. Large oversize items, for example, are $75.78 for the first 90 pounds and $0.79 for each pound beyond.

Clothing, for example, is more expensive. Dangerous products necessitate specialized handling and storage, which increases the cost. You can estimate your costs by using the list of fulfillment fees.


It’s possible that selling products online will be challenging. Because Amazon takes care of delivery, you can free up some time by outsourcing fulfillment.

Even if you use Amazon FBA, you’ll still have to do some work. Determine the number of things to send first. Stocking up and overpaying for storage are not mutually exclusive. In the second place, you’ll have to have Amazon set up. You’ll be charged twice if you don’t utilize suitable packaging.

Your Customers’ Shipping Costs

Amazon has a much easier time negotiating lower shipping prices with delivery companies than your company does. All FBA items can be sent free within two days to Prime members. Customers will be more interested in your products as a result. Prime members may choose to shop at a competitor if you don’t provide free shipping.

Product Range

Depending on the product, Amazon FBA can be a good fit. Low-priced items that sell quickly can save you a lot of money on storage. Large, low-cost products may end up costing more in the long run than they should.

Amazon Customer Service

Customers appreciate how quickly their orders arrive. Another is a more lenient policy on returns than what your business can offer. The seller is responsible for the return shipping costs for every returned item. There is no need to worry about the difficulties of determining return eligibility or consumer communication.

Accountancy and Taxation

When using Amazon FBA, accounting can be a challenge. There is no automatic way to connect Amazon FBA to QuickBooks without using a third-party application. ‘ In a spreadsheet, manually insert the fees. It could take a long time, depending on your sales.

There is still a long way to go. Sales tax must also be taken into account. At any given time, Amazon has the option to ship your items to a fulfillment center in a different country. Despite vendors’ worries about liability issues, there have been no issues so far.

Inspected and Approved

You never know if Amazon will deliver the items you sent to the fulfillment center to your customers. So that Amazon can verify that all vendors’ items have the same barcodes. There is always the possibility that a customer will receive a product.

It’s possible that avoiding item commingling will cause delivery times to get longer. It is not feasible for Amazon to ship from the nearest warehouse to a customer in another state.

Also, keep in mind that you’re outsourcing a crucial business function. There will always be mistakes, even with Amazon’s excellent customer service. The risk to your reputation is high if Amazon makes an error in shipping your item(s). You might lose a client or get a bad review.


Finally, does Amazon FBA pay off?. Focusing on other aspects of your business while providing excellent customer service is possible with Amazon FBA.

Amazon’s FBA service costs a fortune. There is no such thing as a job guaranteed to be boring or monotonous. Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure that Amazon has adequate quantities of each item you sell and to provide excellent customer support.

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