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7 Benefits of Laser tattoo Removal Melbourne

Laser tattoo Removal


Tattoos may seem like a good idea. However, people sometimes regret its presence due to the interference it causes with their personal lives, profession, and even their romantic lives. It may become a sustainable issue as tattoos are mostly imprinted deeper into the skin and the ink is designed to be resilient and lasting forever. The ink pigments buried deep in the middle layer of the skin are made up of large particles which are difficult for the body to remove naturally. Therefore, the tattoo ink needs to be broken down into finer particles so that they get easily dissolved into the skin and removed by the body naturally.

Laser tattoo removal Melbourne at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic centre is the most effective way to break down the tattoo ink into very fine particles so that they get dissolved and removed naturally. Here are the top 7 benefits of using laser tattoo removal.

1. Swift and Convenient

Laser treatment for tattoo removal is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. This makes the treatment swift and convenient, provided it is conducted by a well-trained medical professional by using the right equipment and under controlled conditions.

When the right type of laser device is used, the laser treatment can effectively remove the tattoo with very minimal temporary skin damage in the target area. This helps you avoid the other long-term underbar side effects linked to the traditional methods of tattoo removal.

The temporary side effects of laser treatment are shallow and go away immediately post-treatment. Every treatment session is so swift, you can go back to your daily routine almost immediately post the competition of the treatment sessions.

2. No Scarring

The use of TGA & FDA approved Q -Switched laser device for laser tattoo removal melbourne by a trained tattoo removal specialist ensures no scarring post the treatment. The laser light in the q -switched laser is designed to act only on the tattoo ink and leave the skin as it is. Therefore, there is no permanent scarring on the skin during laser treatment for tattoo removal. This is much more efficient and effective than other traditional tattoo removal methods like ‘sanding’ which leave permanent scarring on the skin.

Therefore, with the help of laser tattoo removal, you can effectively remove the tattoo without causing any harmful effects on the skin.

3. Effective Fading and Tattoo Removal

The high-intensity laser beams reach directly to the dermis or middle layer where the ink is deposited. The heat causes the ink to break down into fine particles, which get dissolved into the skin and drained by the body through the natural process.

Therefore, laser tattoo removal Melbourne is very effective in fading away from the tattoo from the first treatment session onwards. With successive treatment sessions, you can achieve comprehensive tattoo removal.

The Q -Switched laser is more effective and secure than most other traditional methods of tattoo removal.

4. Minimal Temporary Side Effects

Since high-intensity laser beams are used for the procedure, you may experience temporary tenderness or redness in your skin post-treatment. The doctor recommends appropriate moisturizers and the temporary skin concerns go away immediately post-treatment.

The doctor recommends protecting the skin from the UV rays of the sun for a few days for treatment. Therefore, you need to avoid direct sun contact for some days. Use proper moisturizers and sunscreen lotions to protect the treated area from further damage.

5. Removes Entire or Specific Tattoo

Laser treatment for tattoo removal can remove a specific tattoo or the entire tattoo. Since the laser beam can be focused on a specific targeted area. You have the flexibility to either remove a part of the tattoo or the entire tattoo. The laser treatment cleanses the region and completely rids your skin of any tattoo.

6. Secure Procedure

Laser tattoo removal is a very secure procedure. Since it’s non-surgical, it hardly requires any planning and preparation. Under the guidance of a trained specialist, your tattoos can be removed securely with minimal risks to side effects or infection.

There’s no downtime. You can go back to your daily routine almost immediately post the procedure. To achieve the best results, you need to follow the doctor’s guidelines post the procedure.

7. Minimal Pain

One of the prime benefits of laser tattoo removal Melbourne is that the procedure causes very little pain and discomfort. Many patients have expressed that removing the tattoo with a laser is far less painful than getting a tattoo done on the skin. Most medical practitioners apply topical anesthesia to further make the process pain-free and comfortable for the patients.

Laser treatment is a swift, secure, effective, and painless method of tattoo removal. If you want to talk to a registered medical practitioner and laser specialist about laser tattoo removal Melbourne, you must visit Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre today.

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