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Different Materials You Might Find in an Office Building

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Have you ever been curious about what materials make up the construction of office buildings in your area? Many cities have a combination of historical structures, new skyscrapers, and buildings that contain both historic and new elements. If you’re wanting to know about the architecture of your favorite building, it’s helpful to know about what materials were likely used in its construction. Some substances have been used for centuries in building design, and other materials are specific to a certain era.

Marble and Stone

Both vintage and new constructions incorporate the use of marble and stone, especially for flooring. Polished marble creates an elegant and durable surface that can last for many years. Many lobby areas, entranceways, and foyers feature marble floors. To make a marble floor last as long as possible, it needs to be regularly cared for. To keep the floor looking its best, a building owner would want to consult with a professional who provides services like marble refinishing Manhattan NY.

Glass and Crystal

Most buildings have windows of some sort. Most of the time, average windows are composed of glass. Glass is also used to make mirrors, doors, and in the design of light fixtures. Some light fixtures also incorporate crystal into their structures. Chandeliers are commonly made out of many different pieces of carved prismatic crystal.

Metals and Metal Alloys

Metal makes up many different items in building construction. Most skyscrapers have a frame that’s made of very strong metals like titanium. Metal is used in the frames around windows and doors, for escalators and elevators, and to hold electrical components. Brass is a metal that’s used for exterior doors, for interior handrails, and as part of light fixtures. Its gold color and luster make it optimal for many kinds of structures.

Recycled Plastic and Rubber

If a park in your area was constructed more recently, take a look at the benches or playground structures to see if they’re made out of recycled materials. Recycled tires can be made into a soft, durable surface for the bases of playgrounds and swingsets. This surface is softer than concrete and can prevent injuries. Recycled plastic is commonly used in benches, playground equipment, and for sculptures and other outdoor monuments.

There are many other materials found in building construction. When you learn more about the edifices in your area, you can appreciate all the hard work that went into their creation.

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