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How Coaching Gives an Extra Edge in UPSC Preparation?

UPSC Preparation


Without coaching, cracking an IAS exam is definitely not impossible but surely a difficult task to do. Guidance through IAS coaching assuredly adds several benefits to your Civil Services exam preparation.

A lot of information is freely and widely available on the internet to do self-study for exam preparation. Successfully mastering the entire syllabus and the examination pattern merely is not enough to ace the cut throat competition of UPSC exam. Sufficient study hours, strategic approach, regular tests, time allocation, being abreast with daily happenings, etc. are also important where IAS coaching comes into the picture and plays an important role.

So, let us take a look at the benefits that accrue when preparing for Civil services with the help of a coaching institute.

Coaching gives an extra edge to UPSC Preparation. How?

1. Acquaintance with exam pattern, structure and syllabus – Students often get overwhelmed with the three part structure of the IAS Examination i.e. Prelims exam, Mains exam and the Interview. The expert and professional teacher at the coaching institutes guide the students in the right direction as to what is relevant and what needs to be studied. This helps aspiring students gain familiarity with the exam structure, syllabus and pattern right at the start. This systematic approach for preparation is very important for 1st time takers of UPSC exam.

2. Readily available study Materials – Coaching institutes prepare and provide students with exclusive study materials which otherwise students have to hunt for from different sources. The study materials available in the coachings are thoroughly analyzed in detail for each subject and are aligned with the latest exam pattern and syllabus. This enables aspirants to study only relevant subjects and save time.

3. Time management and discipline – UPSC is not an exam where your excuses will be entertained for irregularity in studies, procrastinations, etc. Sticking to a set routine for UPSC preparation seems a challenging task for many students but the case will not be the same when there will be involvement of coaching institutes. Coaching institutes give a routine to students to be followed rigorously and develop a discipline among them. Regularly attending classes, devoting allotted time to each subject, doing homework, regularly working on test series, etc not only helps in developing discipline and regularity towards study but also helps in working on time management.

4. Tricks and tactics to cover the syllabus – Coaching institutes play the best role when it comes to cover the vast syllabus and master it. They present the study material in a format that can be easily absorbed by the students and help them cover the entire syllabus quickly leaving more time for revision, analysis, and improvements.

5. Interaction with like minded students – Discussing and studying in groups with peers ensures better understanding. Studying in isolation reduces the retention power. One more advantage of coaching institutes is that there is ready availability of competition which is very important if you want to improve the quality of your preparation.

6. Dedication and Motivation – Focus and dedication are the two extremely important things to crack UPSC examination. The continuous guidance from experts helps to clear doubt and overcome possible hurdles thus keeping aspirants motivated to give their best. Apart from the engaging study strategies, interactive sessions in the classroom all keep aspirants focused and alert for their preparation which is hardly possible while studying on their own.

So, everything boils down to how serious an aspirant you are while preparing for the exam. If you prepare for the exam in a systematic manner putting your heart and soul into it then there is a very good chance that you will clear the IAS exam with flying colours. Aspirants who are in the hunt for Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad can visit the linked page.

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