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Nelson Partners Briefly Talks About Student Housing Projects

Nelson Partners


A growth in rental housing of students often helps in infusing a much-needed boost in consumer demand for weak real estate markets within the walking distance of a college campus. It can also aid in inflicting a considerable pressure on limited affordable housing in tight markets. Over the last couple of decades, the prominence of student housing projects has increased substantially. Multiple companies specializing in this domain have also cropped up, such as Nelson Partners. It is a nationally recognized real estate investment firm specializing in developing, acquiring and managing high quality student housing projects.

Living in an off-campus house often becomes a rite of passage for many college students. It introduces them to the real estate rental market, helps them to gain an understating of tenant obligations, while also providing them with their first taste of independence. On the other hand, for landlords, student rentals serve as an extremely lucrative real estate opportunity. Many students pay by the room, thereby allowing them to charge more per square foot as there are several roommates paying a monthly rent.

Housing is one topic that has a huge impact in the college experience of every student. The quality of student housing available at a campus or in its neighborhood tends to be one of the major factors that students dwell upon when selecting a college. The sector of student housing has changed substantially over the years. Many middle aged individuals may remember living in a house crammed with five other people in college. But so is not the case today. College housing experience has truly evolved for better over the years. Many communities are now embracing purpose-built student housing projects as the ideal way to move students to centralized locations from community houses, so that they can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

There are three key ways in which purpose-built student housing differs from regular housing. The former essentially is unit mix is designed for student occupancy, comes fully furnished, and the properties are operated and leased on a by-the-bed basis. A typical apartment building usually is a mix of studios, one-and two-bedroom unit that are leased out as a whole apartment. When it comes to student housing, homes generally involve three-and four-bedroom, along with a bathroom in each of the bedrooms. An important difference is that the lease is for the bed, rather than the entire unit.  The amenities included in student housing projects are also pretty important to the overall experience. Hence, companies like Nelson Partners focus on developing projects that are equipped with all the amenities needed to help the students to enjoy a comfortable and convenient living experience. Most student housing units come with high-speed internet service, which is important to cater to the modern generation. Wireless is also the standard because typical students have multiple mobile devices, from phones to tablets. More details about such housing units can be found on the web.

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