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Some Essential Tips to Buy Great Domain Name for Your Website

Great Domain Name for Your Website


A business, irrespective of its size, needs a domain to attract visitors. It helps built the online identity of a business. However, finding a great domain name with .com extension is not easy. With innumerable domain names out there, you need to hunt to find a suitable and memorable one that suits your business. There are a lot of vendors that can help you buy domain name of your choice.  Nevertheless, there are a few things to think about when deciding on the domain registration company with whom you want to register a domain with.

They can help you get a perfect domain with a right combination of keywords that communicate about your brand, products or business to your target audience. If you are running a startup or small business, a cheap domain registrar may be your target to buy a suitable domain for your website, as well as host it effectively. Here are some essential tips to purchase a cheap yet great domain.

1. A great domain would tell what your business or brand is

With a website, you can provide enough information about your brand, product or business. Nonetheless, it largely depends on the domain name to induce the visitor to click on it and visit the website. If a domain fails to convey some information about your product or brand, all your efforts of building a great website will be in vain. For instance, customers take the next step of visiting your website based on the domain, which leads them to guess your business and product or service, and how would it help meet their requirement.

It will help you if you use keywords relevant to your industry, which will help give your website high rankings on the search engine.

2. A domain name that isshort and pronounceable is easily remembered

A short and simple domain name is easy to remember, but don’t go for a very short name. For example, changing foodscience.com to foodsci.com will have an opposite effect. The abbreviation ‘sci’ is short but difficult to pronounce and remember. Therefore, if you go for something brief, strike a balance and don’t hack off the whole name. Again, most users don’t speak out your domain name loudly, but that still asks for better pronounceability to help the brain process the information with ease.

Some names don’t require the user to think hard, so they are easy to remember and inspire positive associations.

3. Find a suitable domain name extension

Getting a ‘.com’ extension is not cheap, though it is easy for a user to remember it. A research study shows that as many as 75 percent of websites use ‘.com’ extension. If it is not possible to get the famous ‘.com’, then go for the other common generic names such as .org, .ltd, .co, and .me. There are also geographic domains such as .co.uk, .uk and .london if your business is situated in the UK.

You can buy a perfect domain name from a reliable domain registrar, which can offer you complete customer support anytime. Register your domain for at least two years to have a cheaper plan. Avoid buying auctioned names, for they may be expensive.

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