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Take Advantage of a Variety of Online Training Modes

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One of the best parts about learning in a digitally connected world is the wide choices of courses that you can enroll in. The pandemic has given people an opportunity to explore the world of online learning and it has made them realize that they can pick and choose from a variety of subjects and topics as well as delivery modes.

With people looking to upskill and hone their existing skills, training institutes are keeping interests going by teaching online courses through different ways and means.

Here are some of the interesting ways training institutes offer online courses:

Web-based Learning 

This method of learning requires a browser and internet connectivity. Usually, the courses provided through web-based learning are time-sensitive and learners use different ways, like videos, pictures, animation, and more, to learn. As a result, learners can get access to the latest learning materials and on a browser that they are comfortable using.

Video Learning 

Online training can be imparted with the help of a video software or through a browser. Usually, the videos are interactive and engaging so that learners enjoy the sessions and retain the knowledge. Online video training consists of training modules that cover not only theoretical knowledge but try to impart real-world information and problems through case studies and professional analysis. These videos allow learners to learn at their own pace as they rewind, stop, and rewatch videos on demand.

Webinars and Podcasts 

Webinars are training workshops that are held over Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other modes of video conferencing. With the help of webinars, facilitators and students can meet on a common platform to collaborate and learn. On the other hand, podcasts are digital audio files that can consist of lesson explanations that students can download on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to listen to when they have time. Unlike webinars, podcasts are not interactive and often result in passive learning.

Collaborative Learning 

In this mode of teaching, facilitators encourage students to interact and build relationships with their peers, domain experts, and decision-makers. The collaboration can take place online on social media platforms, video conferencing, or chat rooms, or it can occur offline, during networking events, conferences, and one-on-one physical meetings. Usually, collaborative learning takes place between like-minded professionals who are keen to impart and acquire knowledge.


When it comes to eLearning, the courses are customized to suit the needs of the learners. Unlike other courses that are created solely to dispense information regardless of the need of the learner, eLearning courses are created on specific topics to impart knowledge and understanding of a subject. It is a mode of learning is used by professionals and students to upskill, acquire a new skill, and hone existing skills. It is considered a great way to teach complex concepts and it is ubiquitously used for online courses in India and other countries. It amalgamates all the other modes of learning, including webinars, videos, case studies, and more.

The Final Word 

Online learning and training usually are imparted with the help of different modes. Learners can select one mode that best suits their preferences and method of learning or opt for a combination of modes. It is advisable to choose different modes of learning to prevent staleness and monotony from setting in. That is one of the reasons most training institutions often use eLearning as it blends a variety of learning modes and imparts information and knowledge to learners in an engaging and interactive manner. Also, learners can customize their learning to suit their needs, and this enables better information retention.

So, if you are ready for personal and professional growth, find a training institute that is capable of meeting your needs by providing online courses using a variety of training modes. That way, you can select the subject you want to learn and use a learning method that best suits you. The internet has made it possible for modern-day learners to take advantage of the variety of learning modes, and this, in turn, helps them start without procrastinating.

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