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The Most Heavily Contaminated Surfaces in Your Office

Heavily Contaminated


Cleaning and keeping your office tidy is one of the important ways to maintain a good work environment. Proper cleaning doesn’t mean you wipe down the surfaces or handpick the rubbish to look tidy.

Your office requires thorough and regular cleaning. However, certain frequent touched surfaces inside your office require more attention. These areas are prone to bacteria left even from different touches.

The article below features some of the most heavily contaminated surfaces in your office that need much cleaning.


You always use your keyboard for office duties, but how frequently do you remember they deserve cleanliness? This is one of the surfaces most office workers forget and can go for several days without cleaning.

Everything you touch while in your office ends on your keyboard. Just imagine you’ve just visited a washroom, you have body contacts, or you’ve handled food. All these are bacteria agents.

Disinfecting and cleaning your keyboard are simple tasks you can do by yourself before you begin your daily routine.

If you hire a Montreal office cleaning service for your office, make sure they don’t ignore the keyboard when doing their cleanup.You should ensure they clean and disinfect all office equipment thoroughly.


Office sinks and counters are the most heavily contaminated places in your office. Office staff and everyone in your office kitchen uses these places daily.

Office counters are prone to food contact. They are places where clients and visitors frequently touch when they visit your office.

These areas deserve frequent disinfection to prevent cross-contamination. Also, most people use color-coded microfiber cloths. It’s proven to work best to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria and germs onto your office surface.

Shared Office Equipment

When sharing office equipment, you should be careful because they transfer germs and bacteria from one person to another. Shared office items like printers, scanners, and photocopiers are used daily. Some items are sensitive general office cleaning might not be enough for them.

Make sure commercial cleaning service providers pay attention to all the shared office equipment. If possible, consider supervising the work.

Phone and Phone Desk

Phones are part and parcel of human life. No office can operate without phones. But these important gadgets attract most germs because they’re touched often. They absorb germs from tables, human faces, and hands.

Ensure you clean all the surfaces in the office of your desk phone. If you rely on professional commercial cleaners, remember to supervise the work to ensure that they clean all the surfaces of your phone desk.

Also, ensure regular sanitization of phone desks, phones, and cellphones before and after use.

Light Switches

These are another frequently touched surface in the office. They’re frequently touched by bare hands, leaving behind germs and other bacteria. Light switches require frequent disinfection to prevent cross-contamination.

Ensure you have disinfection chemicals ready in your office that once you touch them, you easily disinfect them. Be careful when cleaning these areas because they are electric devices, and any mistake can pose a danger.

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