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Water hog floor mats will protect your entryways

Water hog floor mats will protect your entryways


Did you know that staff and visitors track in over 80% of the dirt and moisture that enters a facility on their shoes and boots? As you would expect, having the appropriate business floor mats at your doorway is critical for preventing dirt and moisture from ruining your flooring and carpets.

This raises an essential issue for entrepreneurs. What is the most effective strategy to decrease the potential for harm in this high-traffic area? Using the correct office mats, such as Water hog mats, is the solution. A simple investment in the correct business floor mats for your entryways can go a long way toward protecting your bigger investment – your building’s flooring. When the doorway is secured with excellent office mats, carpets and floors will last much longer and see less wear and tear.

How water hog floor mats contribute to your company’s success?

Not only will top-quality business floor mats preserve your flooring at the doorway or vestibule, but they’ll also aid to minimize slip-and-fall incidents, which may lead to issues if someone is injured. Additionally, as consumers and clients enter the business, entry mats create an appealing and welcome environment.

Look no farther than Water hog floor mats if you’re seeking the perfect floor mat to protect and beautify your entryways. Water hog floor mats, with their remarkable capacity to trap and absorb moisture, stand out among all the solutions on the market today. Let’s look at some of the advantages these mats may provide:

  • Sand and water are scraped off shoes using these mats. As a consequence, such components aren’t able to harm flooring since they’re contained on the mat.
  • The rubber backing stops water from seeping through the mat and onto the floor, preventing water damage.

For your front door, the following are the best mats to use:

The high-quality Water hog mats will provide a touch of elegance to your entrance way. They also have a trademark that may be used in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, hotels, schools, and other buildings. You are also free to place it anywhere you choose. Because of the wide variety of sizes offered, you must choose the mats that are most fit for your space. You’ll find mats in a wide variety of forms, colors, sizes, textures, and textures, among other things. It is possible to find the best answers if you have the relevant information. Traditional rectangular entry mats are often preferred over these in many situations. Smaller versions (2’x3′) are also available, which are particularly well suited for condos. In addition, they may be used for double doors in commercial buildings.

Find the perfect Water hog mats for your front door

Water Hog Silver Entrance Mats are available from city clean in a number of styles that are robust, resilient, flexible, and simple to clean. Designed for high-traffic entryways, these environmentally friendly office mats are precisely what your office space needs to protect your flooring and keep your company safe and clean. They’re the ideal solution for keeping your office space safe and clean. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about our comprehensive collection of commercial floor mats.

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